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Matt Muir
Fairport, NY
Matt has been American Whitewater's StreaMaster since 2000. He helps the Stream Team maintain the information on the site. He also serves on AW's Cyber Committee. He can be reached at matt at americanwhitewater dot org.

Report - Reports by Matt Muir

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.


When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
4y337d01h38m @Amicalola Creek Upper [GA] Tee up! low runnable level Matt Muir
7y5d11h08m @Blackwater Blackwater Falls to North Fork Confluence [WV] My Nerves Are Shot a good level Matt Muir
> 10 years Otter Creek [NY] First Drop 450 @ Independence Matt Muir
> 10 years Upper Youghiogheny [MD] National Boof 2.3' Matt Muir
> 10 years Gauley [WV] Gauley Virtual Gage n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Otter Creek [NY] Steep Stuff, Otter Creek, NY 450 @ Independence Matt Muir
> 10 years Sprite Creek [NY] First Drop of First Drop Medium Level Matt Muir
> 10 years Raquette [NY] Spin offa da Boof 700 cfs Matt Muir
> 10 years Beaver River [NY] Rescue at Moshier Falls n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Raquette [NY] Ratt @ Raquette 900 cfs Matt Muir
> 10 years Savage [MD] Savage Strainer n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Stone's Creek [NC] Drop on Stone's Creek n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Youghiogheny [PA] Swimmer's Hole 1.8 ft Matt Muir
> 10 years Little Sandy Creek [WV] First Slide on the Little Sandy (small version) 6.9' at Rockville Matt Muir
> 10 years Difficult Run [VA] Difficult Run n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Dunbar Brook [MA] Big Drop at Dunbar Brook n/a Matt Muir
> 10 years Glade Creek [WV] Pothole Eater Low water Matt Muir
> 10 years Chippewa Creek [OH] Rockpiles unrunnably low Matt Muir
> 10 years Cuyahoga [OH] Stu at Rookie Drop 475 cfs Matt Muir
> 10 years Cuyahoga [OH] Damn that Dam! 470 cfs Matt Muir

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Bottom Moose Map

Detail Trip Report  Bottom Moose Map  Moose, Bottom, NY(40.73KB .gif)

Beaver River Map

Detail Trip Report  Beaver River Map  Beaver (Eagle, Moshier, Taylorville), NY(15.11KB .gif)

High Chair

Detail Trip Report  High Chair  West Branch Deerfield, VT(22.39KB .jpeg)

Taking it in the rear

Detail Trip Report  Taking it in the rear  Wells River, Lower, VT(26.97KB .jpeg)

Mellow Yellow

Detail Trip Report  Mellow Yellow  Big Branch, VT(19.67KB .jpeg)

Quechee, Surf below the portage

Detail Trip Report  Quechee, Surf below the portage  Ottauquechee, VT(25.55KB .jpeg)

National Boof

Detail Trip Report  National Boof  Upper Youghiogheny, MD(22.34KB .jpeg)

Swimmer's Hole

Detail Trip Report  Swimmer's Hole  Youghiogheny, PA(27.08KB .jpeg)

Ratt @ Raquette

Detail Trip Report  Ratt @ Raquette  Raquette, NY(57.51KB .jpeg)

Rescue at Moshier Falls

Detail Trip Report  Rescue at Moshier Falls  Beaver River, NY(58.72KB .jpeg)

Spin offa da Boof

Detail Trip Report  Spin offa da Boof  Raquette, NY(75.86KB .jpeg)

Rescue at Colton Falls

Detail Trip Report  Rescue at Colton Falls  Raquette, NY(63.74KB .jpeg)

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