Robert Martin
Durham, NC

Reports give the public a chance to report on river conditions throughout the country as well as log the history of a river.

When River/Gauge Subject Level Reporter
> 10 years Daddy's Creek [TN] Lunch Stop at the Crack. 1.3? Robert Martin
> 10 years Crooked Fork Creek [TN] Six Foot Ledge left line 3.5 near minimum Robert Martin
> 10 years Clear Creek [TN] Clear Creek Canyon vista med. low Robert Martin
> 10 years Crooked Fork Creek [TN] Upper Potter's Fall at Flood. Guage submerged. Robert Martin
> 10 years Crooked Fork Creek [TN] Lower Potter's Fall at flood Gauge submerged Robert Martin


Haw River Map before Jordan Lake.  Haw River , NC (617.05KB .jpeg)

Jim Wei at Jacks Rock.  Clear Creek , TN (130.02KB .jpeg)

Lunch Stop at the Crack.  Daddy's Creek , TN (118.35KB .jpeg)

In the Rockin' Chair.  Daddy's Creek , TN (156.73KB .jpeg)

Gary Gurkin doing it Old School.  Crooked Fork Creek , TN (251.59KB .gif)

Gurkin's Crack  Daddy's Creek , TN (94.41KB .jpeg)

Daddy's Creek Canyon scenery  Daddy's Creek , TN (130.25KB .jpeg)

Clear Creek Canyon vista  Clear Creek , TN (135.05KB .jpeg)

Six Foot Ledge left line  Crooked Fork Creek , TN (41.48KB .jpeg)

Lower Potter's Fall at flood  Crooked Fork Creek , TN (30.04KB .jpeg)

Upper Potter's Fall at Flood.  Crooked Fork Creek , TN (76.72KB .gif)