Jennie Goldberg
Seattle, WA
I paddled my first river in 1980 when access issues were miniscule compared to what faces us today. I love whitewater paddling, slalom and Wildwater racing, open canoeing and recreational boating in any shape or form and thrive on self- support whitewater kayak trips. But I'm increasingly concerned with the difficulty we all face in pursuing our sport. That's why I've chosen to become an active member in AW for the past 5 years. I always knew something needed to be done, but AW opened my eyes to the size and the importance of the task. Since I've joined the board, I've been happy to see our accomplishments in the Grand Canyon, the Ocoee, with FERC relicensing legislation, with the NF Feather, and on the MF Snoqualmie and Nooksack Rivers in Washington. I'm ready to do even more in a second term of office.

Water is important to me. If I'm not paddling in one boat or another, I'm swimming in a lake or pool. I work in water quality. I have tropical fish as pets. And I sleep in a waterbed! I want my water clean, free-fl owing in large quantities, and accessible. It's only fitting that I chose AW as the non-profit organization, where I know my time and energy will make a difference and be well-spent.

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