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Tim Kelley
Potsdam, NY
The past six years have flown by. I’ve been on the Safety Committee all six, and the chairman four years having stepped down while deployed to Afghanistan. My major contributions to AW safety include helping improve the accident database by streamlining accident reporting which gives online access to detailed reports in a few weeks instead of months or years. I’ve helped bring a comprehensive approach to risk management for flow studies and other on water events. I’ve also written numerous safety articles, given safety presentations and clinics to paddling clubs and groups at a cost of just donations to AW. Accident investigation remains a passion and an area I plan to continue working to improve. I’ve served 5 years on the Stewardship Committee, having focused on CO assess issues and FERC licensing settlements in NY. Cheesman Canyon on the South Platte in CO was my first experience; I had not planned on starting negotiations by getting hauled into court, but after a year of negotiating, the issue was resolved with an understanding that benefited all parties. It was a very time consuming, but a rewarding experience. In NY I’ve been able to support Kevin Colburn on FERC settlements for Ausable Chasm and High Falls on the Saranac as well as take the lead for AW on the execution of the FERC settlement for the Stone Valley section of the Raquette River, just 10 miles from my home. I’ve also served a year on the Executive Committee. I will not pretend that reading budget spreadsheets or doing monthly (at times weekly) conference calls was enjoyable, but it gave me a true picture of how AW really works.