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On behalf of the 14 undersigned organizations and the tens of thousands of forest users, Washington residents and federal taxpayers which they represent, we are submitting written comments on the Skykomish Geothermal Consent to Lease Scoping period. For many of our organizations, geothermal development and the Consent to Lease process is new to us. We greatly appreciate the Skykomish Ranger District and Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest’s (Forest) willingness to extend the initial 30-day comment period to 60 days per our request. This time has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the Consent to Lease process and, more generally, geothermal development. We are also very appreciative of the Forest’s willingness to be available to answer questions about the project as part of a field tour on July 23. We appreciate the fact that a number of staff assigned to this project have relevant experience in geothermal development on other national forests around the country. Our organizations support efforts to responsibly develop renewable energy resources as an alternative toward continued heavy reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels. Such endeavors are one of many potential solutions to the increasing problem of climate change. We recognize that geothermal energy has important potential benefits in this regard as its development is now being pioneered here in Washington State. However, we also feel strongly that renewable energy development is not appropriate everywhere, or at any cost. For example, areas that boast some of the last best wildlife habitat and connectivity or wild intact ancient forests are not compatible with geothermal development or even certain levels of exploratory drilling. In addition, landscapes where significant resources have been invested to restore watersheds for healthy fish populations and clean and safe drinking water significantly bias a cost/benefit analysis against development.


Scoping Comments on the proposed Skykomish Geothermal Consent to Lease project

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