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The Clackamas River drains more than 940 square miles of the Lower Willamette River watershed before joining the Willamette River near Portland. The Clackamas River Hydroelectric Project includes four hydroelectric developments in the basin, one on the Oak Grove Fork and three on the main stem Clackamas just east of Estacada, Oregon (about 25 miles southeast of Portland). The four developments are operated by Portland General Electric (PGE), which is applying to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a license to continue to operate these facilities (FERC No. 2195). Recreation users, particularly whitewater boaters, are interested in the potential effects of power generation on recreation in the basin. This report contains separate sections on Three Lynx low flow boating and Bob’s Hole kayak playboating.


Evaluation of flows and whitewater recreation on the Three Lynx Reach and Bob's Hole on the Clackamas River.
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Clackamas Stewardship (OR)
AW has been a stakeholder in licensing of the hydroelectric projects on this river and protection of key tributaries through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

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