Document - Draft Recreation Resource Management Plan: Klamath Hydroelectric Project


PacifiCorp (Licensee) operates the Klamath Hydroelectric Project (Project) (FERC Project No. 2082) under a license granted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The new FERC license will be for a period of 30 to 50 years beginning when the new license is issued by FERC and accepted by PacifiCorp. PacifiCorp has prepared this draft Recreation Resource Management Plan (RRMP) as part of the FERC relicensing process to guide recreation resource management on Project lands during the term of the new license (for purposes of this draft, the term draft is not repeated with each instance of RRMP). Within one year of the new license becoming final, this draft RRMP will be finalized and then implemented by PacifiCorp.


PacifiCorp's proposed Recreation Plan assuming relicensing of Klamath Hydroelectric Project.

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