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The Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness (FC-RONR) Plan is narrowly focused and addresses four main topics: Management of Dewey Moore, Mile-Hi, Simonds, and Vines landing strips, Management of float boat use on the Middle Fork and main Salmon Rivers during the control season, Management of motorboat use on the Salmon River during the control season, and Management of the Painter Bar Road. We have selected Alternative D, with modifications, to revise the FC-RONR Wilderness Management Plan (Revised Plan), including the Salmon Wild and Scenic River Management Plan and the Management Plan for the Middle Fork of the Salmon Wild and Scenic River. By selecting Alternative D with modifications, we are approving management direction that maintains the integrity of Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River (W&SR) resources; establishes future management direction; and balances commercial and noncommercial use for current and future generations. This decision will also amend the Land and Resource Management Plans for the National Forests that administer the FC-RONR Wilderness. This Revised Plan incorporates an adaptive management and monitoring strategy. This adaptive management strategy offers an avenue to describe and evaluate the consequences of changing conditions and knowledge. Monitoring and additional analysis will be used to shape future management actions within the framework of the Revised Plan and reshape any direction that is not effective in furthering the goals of the Revised Plan.


Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Plan includes management plan for Middle Fork Salmon and Salmon Wild and Scenic Rivers.

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