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This report details methodologies and results from a four-part recreation study of the Cheoah River downstream of Santeetlah Dam in North Carolina. The study was commissioned by Alcoa Power Generating Inc., Tapoco Division (Tapoco) as part of relicensing the existing Tapoco Project (FERC No. 2169). The study was specifically designed to address issues raised by resource agencies and stakeholders participating in the relicensing process (herein referred to as Participants), and involved extensive input, review, and active participation by Participants. The study included a characterization of the river as a recreation resource (Part 1), a field evaluation of whitewater and angling opportunities at several different river flows (Part 2 – controlled flow study), an assessment of potential future use of the resource (Part 3), and an evaluation of the potential regional economic impacts of future recreation use (Part 4).


Study of river-based recreational opportunities downstream of Santeetlah Dam.

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Cheoah River (NC)
AW and regional paddling clubs spent 5 years relicensing the dam on the Cheoah and scored a huge environmental and recreational victory.