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Document - Clear Creek Whitewater Park Study


The Golden Whitewater Course for kayaking and canoeing is located at the Clear Creek Whitewater Park (CCWWP), in the City of Golden. Construction of the course was completed in 1998. It provides valuable recreational opportunities. The course is currently 1/4 mile long, with rip-rap along the banks with trails and stair-step rock above that provides seating for viewing. It is a complete, world-class course. This report provides a cursory investigation into the order of magnitude of economic benefits associated with the water rights used to supply the kayak course. The findings reported here are based on a review of available information on kayaking and other activities associated with the park, economic valuation literature on kayaking, and other user data. Our results demonstrate that water diverted in the CCWWP generates considerable economic benefit to the kayakers using the course, other interested parties, and the community as a whole. As summarized in Table 1, the annual beneficial value generated by the waters diverted within the CCWWP amounts to between $1.4 and $2.0 million, inclusive of several benefits that could not be quantified or valued within the present study's constraints. Over a 20 year period, the present value of all current and anticipated future benefits provided by the waters diverted within the kayak course would be over $15.4 million to $23.0 million.


Preliminary Evaluation of the Beneficial Value of Waters Diverted in the Clear Creek Whitewater Park in the City of Golden

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