Arkansas Below Granite USA-COL

AW thanks Chris Shackleton and Dreamflows for this data. Dreamflows data should only be analyzed in the context of the Dreamflows site. Data is often calculated and/or approximated. Please see Chris's site for a complete description of how this data should and can be interpreted.

Source Gauge's Page

Current Conditions

Reading of "n/a" = Frozen or Gage Error
0.25 r.c. 0.0 r.c./hr Status 1 month ago
3600 cfs -0 cfs/hr Flow 15 hours ago

Station Description

AW Gauge ID: 43001
Source: dream
Station: 351
Enabled yes
Retired Date: none
HUC: unknown
Phonetic Name: n/a
Calculation: directly read
Latitude: 0.000000
Longitude: 0.000000

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Gage Location

Gage Reading Last Updated
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