Colorado in Cataract Canyon USA-UTA

Data is courtesy of AW's Stream Team program. This data is calculated based on other gauges and information provided by the Stream Team. This data, and any river data, should be used with caution.

Current Conditions

Reading of "n/a" = Frozen or Gage Error
6500 r.c. 0.0 r.c./hr Status 1 year ago
6430 cfs -0 cfs/hr Flow 46 minutes ago

Station Description

AW Gauge ID: 43504
Source: virtual
Station: 8918
Enabled yes
Retired Date: none
HUC: unknown
Phonetic Name: n/a
Calculation: directly read
Latitude: 0.000000
Longitude: 0.000000

Gage Location

Gage Reading Last Updated
COLORADO RIVER NEAR CISCO, UT (AW#4198) Data Unavailable
GREEN RIVER AT GREEN RIVER, UT (AW#4238) Data Unavailable
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