Pit River above Pit 1 PH [ USA-CAL ]

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Current Conditions

Reading of "n/a" = frozen gauge or gauge error.
Reading Trend Type Updated
50 cfs 0 cfs/hr Flow 4y358d00h04m

Station Description

AW Gauge ID: 48887
Source: pge
Station: PH71A
Enabled yes
Phonetic Name:Pit river abov Pit number 1 powerhous
Description:1. CFS values throughout the hour are averaged into an hourly flow value. 2. That value is rounded up to the nearest 50 cfs. 3. Values are sent delayed by four hours. The calculated flow is the difference between the metered flow downstream of Pit 1 PH at PH71, and the Pit 1 powerhouse flow (itself a calculated point based on generation and performance curves) . Since it takes between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on flow volumes, for water to travel from the powerhouse to PH71, metered flow from 22 minutes ago at PH71 is used in the calculation. PG&E testing determined that 22 minutes is a good average time delay that minimizes spikes on the leading and trailing edges of load shifts at the powerhouse.
Data courtesy of PG&E in cooperation with American Whitewater. These provisional data have not been reviewed or edited, and may be subject to significant change.


Gauge History

Times listed in GMT 24h, ET and PT hours provided for convenience Graphs in GMT. Readings of "n/a" constitute a frozen gauge or gauge error.
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