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State Source Name Type Reading Updated
USA-PRO river-3675 Anasco-Rt. 124 bridge to Rt. 119 bridge (AW#40859) Status too low 00h36m
USA-PRO river-3000 Areciebo-Lower: Dos Bocas to Vado (AW#40184) Status too low 01h08m
USA-PRO river-4583 Inabon-Los Saltos (AW#43652) Status too low 00h53m
USA-PRO noaa-argp4 Lago Dos Bocas at Utuado (AW#76771) Feet Stage 291.43 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-plop4 Lago Loiza near Trujillo Alto (AW#80759) Feet Stage 134.64 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-baup4 Rio Bauta near Orocovis (AW#274441) Feet Stage 3.96 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-cifp4 Rio Bayamon at Arenas (AW#274535) Feet Stage 1.33 ft 01h36m
USA-PRO noaa-bayp4 Rio Bayamon at Rio Bayamon at Bayamon (AW#273334) Feet Stage 1.66 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-ciep4 Rio Bayamon at Rio Bayamon at Cidra (AW#273331) Feet Stage 6.28 ft 01h21m
USA-PRO noaa-ngkp4 Rio Blanco at Rio Blanco nr Florida (AW#273288) Feet Stage 3.97 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-camp4 Rio Caguitas at Rio Caguitas at Caguas (AW#273330) Feet Stage 8.22 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-cmap4 Rio Camuy at Rio Camuy nr Bayaney (AW#273286) Feet Stage 5.06 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-capp4 Rio Canas at Rio Canas (AW#274447) Feet Stage 9.20 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-cnap4 Rio Canovanas near Campo Rico (AW#274452) Feet Stage 3.02 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-jaxp4 Rio Caonillas at Paso Palma (AW#274472) Feet Stage 3.65 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-slkp4 Rio Cayaguas at at Cerro Gordo (AW#274508) Feet Stage 5.51 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-vgbp4 Rio Cibuco at Vega Baja (AW#82118) Feet Stage 4.60 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-coap4 Rio Coamo at HWY 14 (AW#77716) Feet Stage 2.67 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-mocp4 Rio Culebrinas at HWY 404 nr Moca (AW#80029) Feet Stage 9.27 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-modp4 Rio Culebrinas at Margarita Damsite nr Aguada (AW#80032) Feet Stage 5.92 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-comp4 Rio De La Plata at Comerio (AW#77742) Feet Stage 5.93 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-aibp4 Rio De La Plata at Proyecto La Plata (AW#76652) Feet Stage 10.14 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-nasp4 Rio De La Plata below La Plata Dam (AW#80216) Feet Stage 6.98 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO river-4389 Rio de la Plata-Dam Section (AW#40539) Status running 00h32m
USA-PRO noaa-toap4 Rio De La Plata near Toa Alta (AW#81948) Feet Stage 3.35 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO river-4616 Rio De La Plata-upper (AW#43685) Status too low 00h32m
USA-PRO noaa-vedp4 Rio Espiritu Santo at Rio Espiritu Santo (AW#273290) Feet Stage 3.32 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-faep4 Rio Fajardo at Rio Fajardo at Paraiso (AW#273287) Feet Stage 4.32 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-fajp4 Rio Fajardo near Fajardo (AW#274461) Feet Stage 2.95 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-sebp4 Rio Grande De Anasco near San Sebastian (AW#81362) Feet Stage 2.90 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-utup4 Rio Grande De Arecibo above Utuado (AW#274523) Feet Stage 4.07 ft 11h36m
USA-PRO noaa-utxp4 Rio Grande De Arecibo below Utuado (AW#82088) Feet Stage 4.18 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-arep4 Rio Grande De Arecibo near San Pedro (AW#76767) Feet Stage 5.89 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-cagp4 Rio Grande De Loiza at Caguas (AW#77389) Feet Stage 4.92 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-sllp4 Rio Grande De Loiza at Quebrada Arenas (AW#274509) Feet Stage 5.18 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-trjp4 Rio Grande De Loiza at Quebrada Grande (AW#274519) Feet Stage 4.11 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-slnp4 Rio Grande De Loiza at San Lorenzo (AW#81522) Feet Stage 7.48 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-trup4 Rio Grande De Loiza below Dam (AW#274521) Feet Stage 2.51 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-ciap4 Rio Grande De Manati near Ciales (AW#77571) Feet Stage 1.77 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-verp4 Rio Grande nr Verde at Rio Grande El Verde (AW#273326) Feet Stage 5.02 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-namp4 Rio Guadiana near Guadiana (AW#274487) Feet Stage 2.26 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-larp4 Rio Guajataca at Rio Guajataca at Lares (AW#273321) Feet Stage 7.70 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-horp4 Rio Guanajibo near Hormigueros (AW#78995) Feet Stage 10.38 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-gcrp4 Rio Guayanes at Central Roig (AW#274465) Feet Stage 13.98 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-ybup4 Rio Guayanes at Rio Guayanes (AW#273309) Feet Stage 10.67 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-gyap4 Rio Guayanilla at Guayanilla (AW#273325) Feet Stage 5.49 ft 01h21m
USA-PRO noaa-gurp4 Rio Gurabo at Gurabo (AW#78794) Feet Stage 4.84 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-gutp4 Rio Gurabo below El Mango (AW#78796) Feet Stage 8.23 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-piep4 Rio Humacao at Las Piedras (AW#274495) Feet Stage 0.61 ft 01h36m
USA-PRO noaa-ngip4 Rio Icacos near Naguabo (AW#274489) Feet Stage 1.13 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-ianp4 Rio Inabon at Real Abajo (AW#274471) Feet Stage 1.68 ft 01h53m
USA-PRO noaa-juap4 Rio Jacaguas at Juana Diaz (AW#274474) Feet Stage 5.12 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-salp4 Rio Lapa near Rabo del Buey (AW#274503) Feet Stage 4.70 ft 01h36m
USA-PRO noaa-arhp4 Rio Limon above Lago Dos Bocas (AW#274439) Feet Stage 7.45 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-samp4 Rio Majada at La Plena (AW#274504) Feet Stage 2.55 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-msap4 Rio Mameyes at Luquillo (AW#273308) Feet Stage 2.03 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-panp4 Rio Marin near Patillas (AW#274493) Feet Stage 7.85 ft 01h51m
USA-PRO noaa-maup4 Rio Maunabo at Rio Maunabo (AW#273307) Feet Stage 3.44 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-patp4 Rio Patillas at Patillas (AW#273305) Feet Stage 5.18 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-prnp4 Rio Portugues at Parque Ceremonial (AW#274538) Feet Stage 2.61 ft 01h28m
USA-PRO noaa-prtp4 Rio Portugues near Tibes (AW#80875) Feet Stage 4.94 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-mayp4 Rio Rosario near Hormigueros (AW#109491) Feet Stage 2.15 ft 02h08m
USA-PRO noaa-jayp4 Rio Saliente at Coabey (AW#274473) Feet Stage 2.44 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-ardp4 Rio Tanama at Charco Hondo (AW#274438) Feet Stage 3.72 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-uthp4 Rio Tanama at Rio Tanama at Utuado (AW#273322) Feet Stage 4.65 ft 01h08m
USA-PRO noaa-tovp4 Rio Toa Vaca above Lago Toa Vaca (AW#274539) Feet Stage 2.45 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-cakp4 Rio Turabo above Borinquen (AW#274446) Feet Stage 4.15 ft 01h38m
USA-PRO noaa-valp4 Rio Valenciano near Juncos (AW#274524) Feet Stage 3.09 ft 01h23m
USA-PRO noaa-llyp4 Rio Yauco above Diversion Monserrate (AW#274537) Feet Stage 2.29 ft 02h08m
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