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1975, Jan/Feb, 36 Pages

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National Championship Whitewater Medal 1975 Jan/Feb 6
Resource id #7 Knight

Slalom Racing
Obituary 1975 Jan/Feb 6
Dick "Ski-Foot" Holt
More on the "Third-Hand" Theme 1975 Jan/Feb 8
Resource id #8 Goodwin

Technique & Instruction
From Bay to Shield 1975 Jan/Feb 12
Resource id #9 Brooks
Resource id #10 Roberts

Rivers & Trips


Accident Report Form 1975 Jan/Feb 17
Safety reports
Election Results Generally Good for Nation's Rivers 1975 Jan/Feb 21
Racing Tips-How to Run a Slalom 1975 Jan/Feb 22
Resource id #11 Stemmler
Resource id #12 Thomas

Slalom Racing
Technique & Instruction
Rowing Frames 1975 Jan/Feb 28
Resource id #13 McGinnis

Technique & Instruction
Editor's Soapbox-Changing of the Guard 1975 Jan/Feb 34
Resource id #14 Sindelar

AW Administration and General
AW Administrative and General
Charlie Smith
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