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1974, Nov/Dec, 36 Pages

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The Upper Middle Eel River 1974 Nov/Dec 186
Resource id #6 Bauer

Rivers & Trips


A Method of Kayak Rescue 1974 Nov/Dec 190
Resource id #7 Sanborn

Technique & Instruction
Graph Paper Slalom 1974 Nov/Dec 192
Resource id #8 Ballard

Slalom Racing
Open Canoe Championships 1974 Nov/Dec 195
Slalom Racing


Whitewater Sport in Poland 1974 Nov/Dec 200
Resource id #9 Evans

Racing / Rodeo / Festivals
Racing Tips 1974 Nov/Dec 202
Resource id #10 Button

Racing / Rodeo / Festivals
Technique & Instruction
Western Wyoming Whitewater 1974 Nov/Dec 204
Resource id #11 Westerhaus

Rivers & Trips
Joanne Westerhaus

Granite Creek
Gros Ventre
North Fork Shoshone
Shoshone Canyon
1974 Joint Winter Canoe Camp 1974 Nov/Dec 212
Rivers & Trips


Rio Grande
Book Reviews-British Columbia Canoe Routes 1974 Nov/Dec 213
Reviews: Book
Book Reviews-Canoe Trails of Southern Wisconsin 1974 Nov/Dec 213
Reviews: Book
Michael E. Duncanson
Book Reviews-An Illustrated History of Small Boats: A History of Oared, Poled and Paddled Craft 1974 Nov/Dec 213
Reviews: Book
Percy Blandford
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