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Breaking News: PUD votes against Enloe electrification

11/23/2018 - by Thomas O'Keefe

At its November 19 meeting, the Okanogan PUD Commissioners voted unanimously on a staff recommendation to stop pursuing electrification of Enloe Dam. The recommendation was shared by General Manager Steve Taylor after a staff presentation showed the total cost of energizing the 100-year-old facility at $87.4 million, nearly three times the PUD's original estimate. Enloe dam is located on the Similkameen River near Oroville.

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Enloe Dam Remains an Economic Loser (WA)

11/18/2014 - by Thomas O'Keefe

American Whitewater joined river conservation groups in releasing an updated review of the economics of restoring hydropower at Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River in Washington State. This project would cost $40 million to build, would cost more to operate than it brings in for revenue, and accumulate $170 million losses over the life of the project. It is time to remove a project that has not operated since 1958 and is simply an economic loser.

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New Study: Enloe Project on Similkameen River Not Cost Effective (WA)

01/24/2012 - by Megan Hooker

Today, the Columbia Bioregional Education Project, joined by several conservation groups including American Whitewater, issued a new economic analysis of Okanogan Public Utility District’s proposal to re-start hydropower generation at Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River. The analysis, prepared by Rocky Mountain Econometrics concludes that it is not possible for the PUD to sell power from Enloe Dam at or above the cost of producing it, and that the PUD will lose $26 for every megawatt hour produced at the dam.

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