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New and Bigger Dams Threaten California Rivers

03/22/2016 - by Evan Stafford

California is emerging from a multi-year drought and numerous dam proposals threaten rivers throughout the state. These proposals do little to address the state's water concerns and come with a hefty price tag. American Whitewater is focusing efforts to stop these unnecessary surface storage projects.

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Action Alert! Speak Up for CA Rivers Threatened by Drought Bills

05/23/2014 - by Megan Hooker

The Senate unanimously passed a drought relief bill for California last night. There's a good chance that important river protections, restoration efforts and the Wild and Scenic Merced will get caught in the middle when the bill goes to conference in the House. Help us keep these river protections strong! No matter your home state, contact your Senators and Representatives to speak up for rivers in California and Wild and Scenic Rivers everywhere!

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Bill to Roll Back Merced Wild and Scenic Boundary Reintroduced (CA)

03/15/2013 - by Megan Hooker

Efforts to roll back the boundary of California's Wild and Scenic Merced River are picking up again. H.R. 934 was recently introduced in the House, and if passed it would open the door for Merced Irrigation District to increase the height of the spillway at New Exchequer Dam by 10 feet and expand McClure Reservoir. Not only would this drown a segment of an outstanding river, but it would be the first time in the 45 year history of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act that a designated reach would be shortened in the name of development.

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Wall Street Journal on the Wild and Scenic Merced

01/10/2013 - by Dave Steindorf

The Wall Street Journal published a story today outlining the debate over the possible de-designation of the Wild and Scenic Merced River.  We believe that this type of coverage will help highlight the threat to the Merced and Wild and Scenic rivers everywhere.

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