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Take Action to Protect Kalmiopsis Rivers (OR/CA)!

05/17/2016 - by Megan Hooker

Mining companies want to develop nickel strip mines on public lands in southwest Oregon’s Kalmiopsis region, threatening several cherished whitewater rivers in SW Oregon and downstream in NW California (Baldface Creek, NF Smith, Rough and Ready Creek, Illinois). The Department of Interior is considering whether to protect these lands from new mining claims and is currently accepting public comment. Many of you have already shown your support for protecting these amazing rivers from these threats, and we need your voices again!

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Oregon Paddlers! Take Action to Protect the NF Smith River!

03/24/2016 - by Evan Stafford

Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission is considering whether to protect the North Fork Smith and its tributaries under the Clean Water Act's highest type of water quality protection. The river is threatened by a nickel strip mine proposal in its headwaters, and you can help protect the North Fork Smith and its tributaries by weighing in

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