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Virginia Paddling Rights Clarified – Respect for Landowners Vital

09/03/2015 - by Kevin Colburn

Virginia officials have confirmed that they consider Johns Creek and several other whitewater streams navigable and public unless proven otherwise. This is a common sense approach that respects the rights of citizens that own property adjacent to rivers, as well those who wish to rightfully enjoy those public rivers and streams. Legal challenges are possible though, and we encourage caution, discretion, and respect within the paddling community as this exciting development plays out.  

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Act Now For Virginia Stream Access

01/21/2014 - by Kevin Colburn

If you want to help improve the stream access situation in Virginia, here is your chance!  Virginia Senator David W. Marsden (D) has introduced a stream access bill, SB 629, with broad support from the paddling community. Call or email the Senators on the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources as soon as possible.  This bill could see a hearing as soon as Thursday of this week (1/23), so time is of the essence. 

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Virginia Stream Recreation Bill Moves Forward - Calls Needed!

02/01/2013 - by Kevin Colburn

Yesterday a landmark stream recreation bill for the commonwealth of Virginia was reported out of subcommittee and will now go to the full Senate for a vote.  The vote could come as early as next week, and supportive paddlers are encouraged to call their Senators as soon as possible.  This is the closest the public has come to gaining clarity on our rights to float down Virginia's rivers in a very long time.

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Help Pass Virginia Stream Access Legislation!

12/23/2012 - by Kevin Colburn

The lack of clarity regarding the rights of residents and visitors to paddle Virginia's certain rivers and streams has long been an unnecessary source of conflict.  Virginians are now ready to change that by clarifying that in Virginia people have the widely supported right to float down rivers. Thanks to this grassroots effort, a new stream access bill has recently been introduced in the state legislature that needs your support. 

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Sign the Virginia Stream Access Petition

07/28/2011 - by Kevin Colburn

River enthusiasts in Virginia, including American Whitewater, are circulating the below petition to raise support for legislation clarifying that paddling is fully supported by the State of Virginia. Join us by signing this petition!

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