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Yard Sale

Description: Group carnage in the rapid below the bridge courtesy of the Appalachian Hairboaters Association. Dennis Huntley was the only person left unscathed.
Author:   Location: Cheoah, NC
Subject: Doug Worful, Rye Redding, Trevor Barnett, and Dennis Huntley (aka Gandolf)  Rapid: Yard Sale
Date: 10/01/05  Level:
Size: 53.61KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 12221   AW Reach ID:

Yard Sale

Author of photo
Sutton Bacon

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March 6 2014 (1741 days ago)
Dennis HuntleyDetails
Seems like this was the second run of the Cheoah, and after not scouting anything for the first run
(note: first release) I was not too worried about the rapids, except for this one, where I had
wrapped myself around a Kudzo vine on the right side as I peeked over the drop before running it. I
literally had to chew through at least 3 wraps that were around my waist, after doing a couple of
360 look and see moves at the top. I couldn't get to my knife due to being a little in the current
and huge bounces on the boil line. So this time, I thought a better line would be down the middle
with a hard stroke. The release was probably around 1400 then. We all proceeded to get stuck in the
hole, with me leading, and I was the only one that could get to the corner and ender out. One of my
dear friends saw a professional photographer above the drop, and managed to buy this photo and
submit it to AW. I accused Doug Worful of doing this, and to his denials, called him a stinking
liar for two years, until one day, another of my dear friends pulled me aside at Topoco Lodge, and
tearfully confessed his sin, of submitting the photo, saying that since then he had not made it
through Yard Sale one single time without swimming. After confessing, he made it through Yard Sale
upright and dry. There's a lot to be learned from this story, but I'm not sure what.