Author: Matt   Location: 12 Mile, SC
Subject: Joey  Rapid: Toad Rock
Date: June26-29  Level: 4,000cfs to 300cfs
Size: 298.27KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 15182   AW Reach ID:
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10 years ago

In response to: "So how can you make a small creek into a river without a Dam? You would be better off making a beach; there's more sand than there is water." This statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you take a look behind that monstrosity of a dam you'd be sure to see a big ole bunch of water. Now if that dam were to be removed the water wouldn't be all Damed up behind the dam thing...and in turn make more of a river. Well all be. I grew up in this area also and I think it is safe to say these dams need to be removed. Also to whomever wrote the below comment. I'd be careful eating the fish. PCB's are constantly being leaked out from behind the dam into the sediments in the water and contaminating the fish. In the long run it could be bad. PCB's are the main reason for all the fuss.