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Toad Rock Levels

Author: Matt   Location: 12 Mile, SC
Subject: Joey  Rapid: Toad Rock
Date: June26-29  Level: 4,000cfs to 300cfs
Size: 298.27KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 15182   AW Reach ID:
Twelvemile Creek [SC]

Toad Rock Levels

Author of photo
Central, SC

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April 3 2008 (3878 days ago)
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In response to: "So how can you make a small creek into a river without a Dam? You would be better
off making a beach; there's more sand than there is water." This statement makes absolutely no
sense whatsoever. If you take a look behind that monstrosity of a dam you'd be sure to see a big
ole bunch of water. Now if that dam were to be removed the water wouldn't be all Damed up behind
the dam thing...and in turn make more of a river. Well all be. I grew up in this area also and I
think it is safe to say these dams need to be removed. Also to whomever wrote the below comment.
I'd be careful eating the fish. PCB's are constantly being leaked out from behind the dam into the
sediments in the water and contaminating the fish. In the long run it could be bad. PCB's are the
main reason for all the fuss.
November 13 2007 (4019 days ago)
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I live near the steel bridge on Lay Bridge road .The Pictures you show of the river are all after
Heavy RAIN . Why don't you show the actual river? The only time you can see the river like this is
after heavy rain fall. At normal times you can walk across the river, which at this point is more
of a creek, and if you step in a hole, the water might go up to your waist. And now, due to the
lack of rain, you are lucky if you even get your ankles wet. I have experienced this a few times,
and I'm six feet tall. I have put my jon boat in this water several times ,and on many occasions I
have found myself having to get out and pull my boat across the sand, where there should be water.
My family and I have lived here most of our lives with no problems, and my kids love the river. We
have all eaten fish from the river and swam here for many years with no problems. So how can you
make a small creek into a river without a Dam? You would be better off making a beach; there's more
sand than there is water. And has there been anyone who has died due to the quality of the river?
My view is that it is all money and politics. If your camera can't take real pictures, I will be
glad to send you some that are more accurate. Leave the dams alone....