(4/30/07) These bumper stickers (in green, as above, 3"x7") are for sale for $10 each with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Green River Access Fund.. In September of 2008, one batch was made in Royal Blue color with white lettering, but the couple batches since then are back to green-------------and green they will stay.

The phrase "Operational Schedules Are Determined Daily" became endearing to Green boaters over the years, and comes from its former inclusion into the daily phone message once made for us by the boys at the Tuxedo Hydro Plant. The recording was accessed by dialing 698-2068 --- a number either stored in the brain's internal memory drive or speed dial of an estimated 87% of WNC's Green boaters. Seven days a week it was spoken by a real person working in a small, ancient, and fully depreciated hydro plant, who made a slightly different version of the telephone message by around 7:30 a.m. each morning.

But that's all meaningless history now, for starting on May 16th, 2008, it was no longer Frank's voice (or sometimes others) making the recording so many people came to know and love and call every day. No more southern twang slowly rambling off "ahhhhperayshunal sked-jewels are deterrrrrrrrrmined dayyyyyyyy-lee" to close out each day's release report. Now it's an 800-number, 3 prompts, and then a computer generated voice out of Duke headquarters somewhere ---- with no soul whatsoever.

The stickers can be purchased at:

Diamond Brand Outdoors (Hendersonville Road in Arden) ....... website...(out of stock)

Rock Creek Outfitters (Ocoee and Chattanooga, TN) ..... website
Green River Adventures (Saluda, NC) ...... website...(out of stock)
Second Gear (Asheville, NC) of stock)
Astral Buoyancy (Asheville, NC) <<<< Your only mail order site for stickers.

Above is the recreation of an older sticker that Dylan McKinney has brought back, printing a bunch of them in the Summer of 2011. They're for sale for $8 with all proceeds of course going to GRAF, and are available at Diamond Brand and Green River Adventures.

We also made some 2009 sticky calendars......they were pretty much a flop and may not be done again. Or, if they're done, they'll be done better. Ben Edson personally funded a large batch of beer coozies but those are all gone now.

To date (4/22/09), purchases of bumper stickers, beer coozies, and sticky calendars have raised over $1700 for the Green River Access Fund.

Additional inquiries about or contributions to support a long term access solution to the Green River (Upper and Narrows both) can be made by contacting:

Green River Access Fund
P.O. Box 792
Saluda, NC 28773
(828) 698-5778

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Thank YOU for supporting the Green River Access Fund!

John Pilson
Asheville NC

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