For the bottom drop (pictured above), you can either boof right, kinda like a micro sunshine, or use the left side to boof out straight downstream. There's a rock-spin move on the "baby sunshine" side, too. Above this bottom drop there are a couple different ways to enter, with plenty of pesky little guard rocks scattered about. The channel to the boater's left is ok for Plan B -- albeit with minor pin potential -- if one of the guard rocks above sends you there.

Way over on river left, well out of frame, is "Baby Hammer Factor", with its own set of options --- all of them best taken with more than low summer levels.

Author: Chris Roberts   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Mack Roebuck  Rapid: Baby Sunshine
Date: 05/18/07  Level:
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AW Photo ID: 18111   AW Reach ID:
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