Once long-term fixtures on the Green, this April 2003 picture (at 200% release) shows the two trees that used
to cross the river below Gorilla. Both are gone now. In paddling the Green and sorting through a ton of dated and undated
videos and photographs to make this page, I became unduly curious about when they came and went. These are the results:

Top Tree: Was there since "forever", ....and washed out during Hurricanes Francis and Ivan in September 2004.

Bottom Tree: Arrived between November 1997 and Summer 1999, ....and washed out just after the Green Race in November 2003.

As an aside, to envision the impressive creek cleansing all across Appalachia during the record breaking
September 2004 Hurricane Trifecta (Francis, Ivan, and Jeanne), check this very cool loop-a-loop.
Color codes for that loop, and a bunch of other stuff, can be found on this USGS national map page.

The seal launch landing zone is just downstream of the bottom tree in the photo above.

You can see all the trees in place during this head-to-head period piece race clip from 2002.

Below is a photograph from the same date in 2003 which shows the longstanding tree below Nies' Pieces (about 15' out from
the bottom of "SuperBoof"). This tree also washed away during the Fall '04 hurricanes...

Author: Andrew Lazenby   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Mr. and Mrs. Wood, and baby wood.  Rapid: Gorilla run-out
Date: 04/20/03  Level: 200%
Size: 137.01KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 18519   AW Reach ID:
author of photo John Pilson Details