Nice Picture from the 2006 Green Race. Cooper runs the "Flying Squirrel" double-boof
line on the far river left side of Pencil Sharpener. Photographer unknown.

Notice the swimmer just out of frame being rescued -- in the nick of time -- directly above The Notch.
Some of that rescue action is viewable late in this Green Race Movie Trailer.

Not to belabor a common point, but it pays to have your throw rope ready if you're "out and about".
Somebody did for this guy, and he saved that swimmer's ass. Unquestionably, without a person with a
rope right there and ready to use it, the swimmer would have gone through The Notch and over Gorilla.
No two ways about it.

In 2011, two or three ropes were tossed to a guy in a similar predicament but further downstream towards
the inevitable. Too late, and he swam the Monkey, no doubt thinking at the time that his situation was becoming
highly suboptimal. Things worked out ok I'm assuming as I heard no reports to the contrary.

Author:   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Cooper Lambla  Rapid: Pencil Sharpener
Date: 11/04/06  Level:
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author of photo John Pilson Details