Description: Nice log to add to the pucker factor! The normal line is far river right, away from Tombstone. You can see it in that sliver of water in the left side of the picture.
Author: Matt Muir (KHCC)   Location: Youghiogheny, Upper, MD
Subject: a log up against Tombstone Rock  Rapid: Fu**-up Falls
Date: 05/04/01  Level: 1.6 ft
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10 years ago

Anyone look at the Tombstone rock at low water at 1.5 ft or less. I was on the lowest elf run that I've heard about exactly 2 years ago @1.2 ft with a class 3 playboater to just get a sense of the river in his boat with the volume of a milk jug. When I "walked" up to tombstone it was completely filled in with small rocks. Not much of a hazard deserving the name tombstone. I'm pretty sure someone placed all that stone by hand VS a highwater event.