Gareth Tate flies out on Groove Tube's super fun right line. Level here is a low Summer 100%, and the
date below is wrong----somehow the AW site messes with them sometimes. I'm guessing 2007-2010 perhaps-ish.

California Dreaming:

The exit drop to the now defunct California Line can be seen just to Gareth's right. The full Cali Line
with its formerly sweet boof in the background of this pic has been gone since around 2004,
but that frothy down-ramp finisher can still be taken from a normal put-in after portaging Nutcracker.
It does require real intent to make it over there, and not bone-dry conditions. This move is made
more clever yet if one pops in to a micro eddy on river right at the top of it. Just turn and burn
from there, but remember ---note to self--- to put your skirt on first.

Not much for photo-documentation exists for the Cali Line, but there is this one here to have a look at.

Author: Ryan Hoghtin   Location: Green Narrows
Subject: Gareth Tate  Rapid: Groove Tube
Date: 10/26/13  Level: 100%
Size: 50.04KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 40138   AW Reach ID:
author of photo John Pilson Details