A cool angle on a high water Hammer Factor. Photo taken by Dave_______ on September 20th, 2009.

This was following 3-5" of rain in Henderson County on top of a few inches the couple days prior, Tuxedo releasing at 100%, and the damn spilling over -- guessing to about 100.6' when the pic was taken. A ballparked estimate for the level here is in the well into the mid-upper-30 inches realm, but there's no sayin'.


The Gorilla Pothole Effect

As an aside, four or five days after this photo was taken, and at a far more sensible flow, we ran the Green and noticed that the large pothole in the middle of the Gorilla portage route was filled 1/4 full with crystal clear water. Not a single speck of sand to be seen anywheres --- it had all been scoured out. Normally, that pot hole has a couple feet of sand and leaves in it and is dry or wet depending on the weather. None of us had a camera to capture a first-descent-of-the-pothole with a miracle photo. One can only imagine the flow to have done that work. The pothole filled back up with leaves and sand surprisingly quickly, and that amazing view of it was gone....til the next time. My read of the tape is that it happened within a day either side of the above photo of Hammer Factor.

Author: Dave   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject:  Rapid: Hammer Factor
Date: 09/21/09  Level:
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