Description: This photo was taken the day after hurricane ivan came through georgia. The rapid is bulls sluice at 9 feet. I saw only 5 people run this rapid that day. This is the highest level photo I've seen or taken of this rapid/river. If anyone else has any at a higher level please by all means upload them. Feel free to contact me at (i would not recommend any boaters attempt these rapids at this level, but it has been done by very few extremely experienced individuals) a little side note about paddling floods. Other than the obvious wood hazards and powerful flows, this river takes on a completely different face at these levels and some rapids that may have been easy are now fatal. If you are contemplating running this section of the chattooga at flood levels, be aware of sandy forge and the narrows. (the narrows are very dangerous at these levels)
Author: Ben River   Location: Chattooga, GA
Subject: Bulls Sluice highwater (resized)  Rapid: Bulls Sluice
Date: 09/18/04  Level: 9 feet
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8 years ago

The Chattooga at levels that high is one huge hazard. From Earls to the lake, numerous rapids contain holes that could eat up a large bus. Don't think that the only rapids of worry are the narrows and Sandy Ford. Dicks creek almost took my life at 12'. You better be close to a pro boater to attempt this river at that high of a level. Out of 4 sponsored kayakers, two of us swam that day and neither of us found our gear. My boat was recovered, in a log jam, about 2 miles after the narrows.