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Green Race Crowd 2008

Jon Crain works out the monkey in the (low water) 2008 Green Race. Great picture from Ryan Bednar. It is very difficult to get a picture that shows the enormity or scale of the crowd scattered all about, but Ryan's is perhaps the best I've seen.

Difficult to see in this photo, but it is possible to make out the beginnings of some real trouble for one of the spectators -- a man falling in at the top of Nies' Pieces, his faded blue jeans still dry. He got worked over pretty good in the holes there before being pulled out, in decent shape except for being a bit hypothermic. Adam Herzog, who was on the scene at the time and assisted in the man's rescue, then wrote a cautionary article in the Jan/Feb 2009 AW Journal about the danger to spectators at the Green Race. You can find the article on page 52 of that issue.

Here is another photo of the crowd, from 2006.

Author: Ryan Bednar   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Jon Crain  Rapid: Gorilla
Date: 11/01/08  Level: low runnable level
Size: 719.09KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 41956   AW Reach ID:
Green [NC]

Green Race Crowd 2008

Author of photo
John Pilson
Saluda, NC

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