Bump & Grind w/ danger spots highlighted

Description: This photo has the do not enter right slot and the undercut it pushes towards at the bottom highlighted. Farther river right is the entrance to take, but be aware that it too pushes towards the undercut at the bottom on the left, be sure to carry right angle or just take the sweet double boof on the left to skip the undercut. Thanks to Bill Schooley for the snazzy arrow work.
Author: Jeff Varnes   Location: Watauga, NC
Subject: Thomas Collier  Rapid: Bump & Grind
Date: 11/15/02  Level: 170 cfs
Size: 1.26MB  Format: bmp
AW Photo ID: 42771   AW Reach ID:

Bump & Grind w/ danger spots highlighted

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Mark Stover

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