Description: Jeff Macklin posted: There is SERIOUS wood in the Toilet Bowl! Yep, i know it sounds funny, but this could be very serious. Mel's Toilet Bowl is a sieve/siphon on river right about 80 yards below Charlie's Choice. It is large enough to pass a person or a boat (not sure if it could pass a person IN a boat). A few people have had the scary misfortune of getting sucked in it, through it and spit out of the back side of it ... with no injury. If someone blunders into the Toilet Bowl in its present condition, there is a good chance that they will not come out! If you know where it is, this feature is very easy to avoid.
Author: Jeff Macklin   Location: Upper Yough, MD
Subject:  Rapid: Mel's Toilet Bowl
Date: 04/26/09  Level:
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