Zero release picture of the bottom drop of Zwick's. This is the first in a series of eight fine no release pictures
taken by Scott McCorvey, and they can be found by scrolling through the thumbnails using the "photos" tab at the top
of the main page, or by clicking here.

Scott's photos were taken after the water ran out from a 200% release, and have some more natural inflow than when
at "dead low". To see the difference, check this nice Picassa gallery from Kyle Anderson, taken 11/26/08 with zero recent
rain, and zero release.

Zwick's as shown in the photo above is a bit different than at this level, eh?

Historical Nugget: There used to be a large log in the bottom drop too, seen here in this picture of a younger Leland Davis in 1995 or so,
but the log has been gone since sometime around the late 90's.

Author: Scott McCorvey   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject:  Rapid: Zwick's
Date: 05/30/04  Level: No release
Size: 211.54KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 7543   AW Reach ID:
author of photo Scott McCorvey Details