AW's own Jeff Paine is no slouch --- and here demonstrates the single most difficult of all attainments
on the Green Narrows. He selected race day to have a crowd as witnesses for proof. Impressive action.
Do you see the other racer way down-river of Jeff in the next rapid, kind of drooping over and just floating?
That fella has given up and turned downstream.

One question remains: Does Jeff go direct now, or catch the Notch eddy first?....YOU make the call!

Photo copyright Chris Bell, used with permission. To see more of Chris Bell's pics
from the 2010 Green Race in his large SmugMug Gallery, go here.


Ok fine....tucked in here is a portion of how it really went down.

Author: Chris Bell   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Jeff Paine  Rapid: Gorilla
Date: 11/06/10  Level:
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