Occasionally a picture says a lot of cool words. This is one of 'em.

Matt Ellenberg drops the Seal Launch on Green Race day, November 2010. Taken by Michael Hood.

Although most people who do the seal launch below Gorilla turn a little to the right in the air.....or take off straight ahead.....this wonderful snapshot speaks volumes about a series of things.

Feb. 2013 update after learning who the paddler is:

When I first saw this photo some time after the Green Race in 2010, I promptly asked Michael Hood if I could post it to American Whitewater and put it here on the Green page. He grumbled about how he had to rush the picture and how his settings were not right....that it was haphazard, and so on and so forth. I dismissed his concerns then and dismiss them again now. There are 13.4 million photos on the internet showing the Green Narrows, 65% of which I have clicked through so far. Among that group, perhaps several dozen live larger in my head and are iconic in some special way. Hood's brilliantly haphazard capture is in this smaller group.

Author: Michael Hood   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Matt Ellenberg  Rapid: Seal launch below Gorilla
Date: 11/06/10  Level:
Size: 5.49MB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 877707   AW Reach ID:
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