Robbie Gilson subs out in The Notch during the high water 2011 Jerry's Baddle, with the stick gauge in the 13.5" range and sunny blue skies overhead.

Because mere mortals might call call the water level on the "high side of good", only around 35 people entered the paddling portion of the race this year --- far fewer than normal. And of those only 8-10 or so got the courage together to run the Monkey. Unfortunately, things went a bit south for Robbie later on. Heal up, brother!

Website for this very cool biathlon fundraiser: Jerry's Baddle

Author: Shannon Christy   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Robbie Gilson  Rapid: The Notch
Date: 04/23/11  Level: 14 inches
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