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Upper Pipeline

Description: Two (or three!) waves to pick from, depending upon flows (and your skill). At low-to-moderate flows (250 or 300 cfs up to maybe 800 cfs or so), river right (backround/right) is a sweet pocket for surfs and spinning your heart out. A pretty good shoreline eddy exists, but you have to hustle, or you are pushed past the point of no return.

As flows increase near or above the 1000 cfs range, river-right tends to flush (wash out), but river-left builds nicely. It is 'one-shot' under 1000-1200 cfs or so. Somewhere around 1200 cfs it is possible to 'muscle up' between trees on shore for repeat play. As flows get up nearer 1500 or better, this left wave is SWEET, and the shoreline eddy allows you to paddle up easily. However, it is necessary to be in control and charge hard to catch the eddy before being swept into trees leaning over the water at the end of the eddy.

OK . . . I said 'or three' . . . immediately surfer's left (river-right) of the left wave, at moderate or better flows (maybe 600 up), a center wave forms which allows smooth front surfs. It can be a good challenge to try sliding over to it (from either right or left waves), surfing, then trying to paddle hard to re-catch the shoreline eddy before being flushed too far downstream.
Author: Rob Smage   Location: @Root B) Horlick Dam to Quarry Park (0.2 - 0.6 mile), WI
Subject:  Rapid:
Date: 04/09/09  Level: 160 cfs
Size: 537.43KB  Format: jpeg
AW Photo ID: 878878   AW Reach ID:

Upper Pipeline

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