This fine Springtime photograph was taken by Doug Koziol on April 16th, 2013. The original was a little dark---this one has been lightened up and cropped a bit.

If looking at this photo doesn't reveal the steepness of the Green in general terms, then I'm not sure what will. The numbers stack up too. Over its length of 2.88 miles the Green averages 178 ft../mile in elevation drop, with the steepest mile dropping 342 ft../mile. The bottom of Rapid Transit is near the end of the steepest half mile in the gorge ---- and according to Chris Bell's math, this half mile drops at 422 ft./mile. Not coincidentally, the pool at the base of Rapid Transit is also the finish line of the annual Green Race.

I don't know the level on the stick gauge this day, but the records show it was a 100% release......looks a bit splashier "from here".

From my eye, the last upstream patch of whitewater one sees is at Pencil Sharpener (or possibly the race line finishing zone of Zwick's?), with Gorilla out of sight altogether.

Finally, this photograph is very cool in that the little speck in Rapid Transit is a paddler. Doug saw him afterwards in the pool below and then realized he (or she) was actually in the photo.

The image above was created and is copyrighted by Chris Bell of To see the Green compared to a few other common rivers in WNC, click here.

The image below is taken from this page of maps.

Author: Doug Koziol   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: mystery boater  Rapid: Rapid Transit
Date: 04/16/13  Level:
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