Description: Below the falls, the river is split by a giant island. The right channel is a series of rapids with various wave trains and holes at this level. The river left channel consists of basically one small II- drop and this 15' drop about 50-60 yards down stream. At this level there are a couple of flakes to hit, or a spot in the center with a steep lip. The bottom is plenty deep and not too retentive. There is also a small 6-8 foot wide chute on river left of this channel with a more gradual lip that could be easily shot depending upon the exact level. The pool below this rapid is big and calm at this level and is the eddy downstream of the island that marks the confluence of the who channels again.
Author: Clinton Begley   Location: @Kootenai Libby to Troy, MT
Subject: Brooks Munyer  Rapid:
Date: 09/01/13  Level: 8000 cfs
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