Matt Risch on-line and making the race line boof at Frankenstein. Although this picture makes the rapid look much longer than it is, it's a nice perspective from some folks up in Maine who made a journey south. Jeremy Cass the photographer, and it came outta this bloggie here. The level on the stick gauge was 8.5".

The slot one enters for the race line is the narrow one center-right in the pic. The "trad line" begins a bit out-of-frame to the right and enters the program just beyond the slot.

The next "slot" to the left in the photo above gets used by paddlers who are off-line, or rarely at high water intentionally. That program generally leads to running the bottom drop on the left of the triangle rock, which can work out fine but has piton and pin potential that is real. Run that side fairly close to the rock with a tad of right angle, I believe, to make up for one's error.

Author: Jeremy Cass   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Matt Risch  Rapid: Frankenstein
Date: 11/15/13  Level: 8 inches
Size: 1.40MB  Format: png
AW Photo ID: 882816   AW Reach ID:
author of photo John Pilson Details