Here is Toby MacDermott about to make what some call the "Super Boof" look real pretty during the 2010 Giant Slalom Race on the Green. John Grace organized two years of this race, with an awesome course. I made up the date below as June,,,,I forget when it was for real, but it was Summer of 2010. The level is 100%

Many people achieve great enjoyment in this location, and it's tricksie to completely style it. Failure can lead to a bit of a chundering --- but only if it's a real failure. Toby's got his Frankenboat here, with a welded on stern........

Unknown photographer........I just found the pic on my computer where I had lost it four years ago. No idea who took the picture. Anyone know?

Author: Unknown   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Toby MacDermott  Rapid: Neis' Pieces
Date: 06/13/10  Level:
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author of photo John Pilson Details