Built in 1916-1917 by the Blue Ridge Power Company, and making power by 1918, above is an early photo of the dam at Lake Summit. Blue Ridge Power was sold to the Broad River Electric Company in 1926, and then later sold to Duke Power, which became Duke Energy. In 2018, one hundred years since it first generated electricity, Tuxedo Hydro was sold to Arizona based Northbrook Energy, which bought five older Duke plants mostly in western North Carolina. This 2011 article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin goes over some of the history of hydroelectric power in the area.

See Kevin Colburn's May 2018 article on the American Whitewater site about the sale to Northbrook and related discussions about maintaining a similar release schedule for recreational interests. Agreements to maintain a similar program were completed thanks to the work of AW and the property owners along Lake Summit. The sale to Northbrook was also covered in the local popular press to varying degrees; see this story in the Hendersonville Lightning, for example.

Below is from a brief snippet of an article with a couple photographs in the January-June 1921 edition of Engineering World, detailing some of the information about the then recently built dam and Tuxedo hydro plant.

Interestingly, in George Ladshaw's original (and never completed) 1906 plans for four dams along the Upper Green and the Narrows, he claimed his four smaller dams would have generated 12,730 horsepower vs. the 8000 horsepower said to be generated by the one dam in the article above. Less power = more fun.

Thanks to Christopher Stovall for finding the Engineering World article and photos, a couple more of which can be found here.

Author: "Engineering World", the classic Jan-June 1921 edition   Location: @Green 2. Green Narrows, NC
Subject: Lake Summit dam  Rapid: Rapid removal, actually
Date: 06/03/18  Level: too low to run
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