View of the Jumble (April 2021) from the lip of the second drop. ~1 ft on the stick gauge  ( .jpg)

Nik White surfing Colorado style on New Years Day  ( .jpg)

The Slide  ( .jpg)

Early rapid on the run  ( .jpg)

Glen Wilton , James River very High  ( .jpg)

Big Hairy is really Big Fun  ( .jpg)

Wild Salmon Research Barge  ( .jpg)

The entrance to Focus Falls  ( .jpg)

Chattooga @Rock Gorge - Burrell's Ford to Lick Log Creek  ( .jpg)

Saranac @2. Silver Lake Road to Redford  ( .jpg)

New Engineered Logjam Complex   ( .jpg)

About to land on my head/elbow in "Frustration".  ( .jpg)

Schoharie Creek @Esperance to Fort Hunter  ( .jpg)

North Fork Buffalo boogie  ( .jpg)

Marty Plante on Baby Falls, Tellico River.  ( .jpg)

Put In  ( .jpg)

Down On The Corner  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Wilson Creek @B) Route 1328 Bridge to National Forest sign   ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Raritan, S. Branch @Upper Upper- (Above Drakestown Rd.)  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

The little canyon pinch   ( .jpg)

Good Times in the Aire Lynx on the Upper Amicalola   ( .jpg)

Yelm Hydro Plant  ( .jpg)

Fordyce Falls 400cfs  ( .jpg)

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