nice lower flow  ( .jpg)

Tunnel  ( .jpg)

More gorge.  ( .jpg)

Severely undercut rock is marked with red arrows. Safer/easier lines are marked with green arrows  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Entering the first rapid  ( .jpg)

Rock Creek @Mount Mitchell Hike Up  ( .jpg)

432cfs  ( .jpg)

Stones, W.Fk. @Barfield Crescent Road to Nice Mill Dam  ( .jpg)

Arkansas @02. The Numbers  ( .jpg)

Boardman @6 mi. S. of Traverse City (5.3 miles)  ( .jpg)

James River way up and Flooding, No fishing today   ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

flagg canyon main wavetrain  ( .jpg)

Lost Nations Rd to Connecticut River trip  ( .jpg)

Lower Flathead scenery does not disappoint  ( .jpg)

4.25 miles West of Bumping River Rd  ( .jpg)

Getting Splashy  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Oldie Transformer T4 at Falls Dam.  ( .jpg)

First Sequence  ( .jpg)

Clear Creek @Eightmile Creek to ab. Abestos Creek Falls  ( .jpg)

Wolf Whistle  ( .jpg)

Top of Cushion  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Animas @04. Tacoma to Rockwood Rail Yard (Rockwood Box)  ( .jpg)

grizzly creek fire  ( .jpg)

Raritan, S. Branch @00. Upper Upper- (Above Drakestown Rd.)  ( .jpg)

  ( .)

  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

Lively Creek @State Rte. 73 to Long Island Creek  ( .jpg)

Detailed instructions for hike-in to Tacoma from Haviland Lake  ( .jpg)

  ( .jpg)

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