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Nolichucky Wild and Scenic

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The mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee have hundreds of dams, yet only a handful of protected Wild and Scenic Rivers. These designated Wild and Scenic Rivers, like the Obed River and Wilson Creek, are beloved by locals and visitors alike. The Nolichucky River Gorge spanning the North Carolina and Tennessee borders is the perfect choice for the region’s next Wild and Scenic River.

Wild and Scenic designation for the Nolichucky would cover the federal US Forest Service lands in a half-mile wide corridor along the river between Poplar, North Carolina and Chestoa, Tennessee. The Forest Service would be charged with protecting the river’s scenic and recreational values, and dams would be forever prohibited. Designation would not affect private property or use of the railroad by trains. Recreation would continue to be managed by the US Forest Service. Wild and Scenic designation would ensure that the experiences and economic benefits the Noli provides today will be there for future generations.

Designation requires an act of the US Congress, which requires enthusiastic local and regional support. Join the movement to protect the Noli at

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