Rio Grande Recreational Flow Study

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In partnership with the Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project, and supported by grants from the Colorado Water Conservation Board and foundations, American Whitewater is completing a Non-Consumptive Recreational Needs Assessment as part of a Rio Grande basin Stream Management Planning effort (SMP).

American Whitewater has completed similar assessments in the Colorado, Yampa, Dolores, Gunnison, and San Miguel watersheds and we are excited to expand our work to the Rio Grande Basin in Southern Colorado. The Needs Assessment will help to define a baseline for existing recreation opportunities in the basin, identify areas where enhancements to recreational use can be prioritized, and will assess how new water projects and changing hydrological conditions could impact these recreation opportunities. We are working closely with local stakeholders to implement the assessment and integrate it into the Stream Management Plan. As a member of the Technical Advisory Team (TAT) for the SMP, we are working alongside hydrologists, irrigators, public land managers, wildlife researchers, municipalities and others to ensure that the needs of every stakeholder are addressed in the SMP process. Stream Management Planning in the Rio Grande Basin began in the Spring of 2018 and is a multi-year project. The initial Boatable Days Analysis will be complete by May 2019 and AW will continue be an active stakeholder throughout the SMP process.

The first step in the Recreational Needs Assessment is to conduct Flow Evaluation Studies for each river segment by surveying a wide range of recreational boaters. Through coordination with the Restoration Project and the TAT, we collectively identified the following 11 priority river segments:

The Flow Evaluation Study results will help define optimal and acceptable flow ranges for boating on these 11 river segments and resulting flow criteria are needed for the next step - the Boatable Days Analysis. The Flow Survey was released in late 2018 and American Whitewater worked with local stakeholders and the Restoration Project to circulate the survey throughout the community.

Once the Flow Evaluation Studies are complete, AW will work with the TAT to complete the Boatable Days Analysis. This analysis establishes a metric describing the number of days a river reach can be used for recreational boating based on a range of acceptable and optimal flow criteria (determined through the Flow Evaluation Studies). In the analysis, the flow criteria for each reach are compared to historical flow data to identify the number of boatable days under varied hydrological conditions. The initial Boatable Days Analysis is scheduled to be complete by May of 2019.

With the initial results from the Boatable Days Analysis, the Boatable Days Tool will be used to evaluate how future projects and hydrological scenarios may impact existing boating opportunities. The Tool will be able to assess negative and positive impacts from scenarios such as dams, diversions, shifting water uses, and changing climates. Throughout this process, American Whitewater will work closely with the Basin Roundtable and project proponents to determine which hydrological scenarios and projects need to be evaluated using the Boatable Days Tool. For example, the Colorado Water Plan outlines Identified Projects and Process (IPPs) for reaching water storage goals throughout the State and it will be important to evaluate the impact of these IPPs on recreation in the Rio Grande Basin using the Boatable Days Tool. The SMP final report is scheduled to be completed by November 2019, and the Boatable Days Assessment and any specific project impact assessments will be presented in the report. The Boatable Days Tool and the parameters for the Rio Grande Basin will continue to be available to the Roundtable and any interested project proponents after the SMP process is complete.

American Whitewater is excited at the opportunity to expand the Boatable Days metric to other basins in Colorado, working towards a common metric throughout the state for non-consumptive recreational needs. The outputs from the Boatable Days Analysis will inform key trade-off discussions within the Rio Grande Basin and between other basins.

American Whitewater’s Rio Grande and Conejos River Recreational Needs Assessment Project is funded by a grant from the State of Colorado, Colorado Water Conservation Board with matching funding provided by the Walton Family Foundation's Innovation Fund and individual contributions.

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Flow Survey Announced For Rio Grande And Conejos Rivers (CO)

Posted: 01/07/2019
by Evan Stafford

Alamosa, Colorado - American Whitewater needs your help to define streamflows that support the full range of recreational boating opportunities on the Rio Grande and Conejos Rivers in Southern Colorado. Information provided by you will help set goals for flows and physical conditions to protect and enhance streams, and inform multi-objective projects to improve ecological, recreational, and community values. Please participate in our survey today!

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Rio Grande Recreational Needs Assessment

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