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American Whitewater’s conservation program focuses on dam relicensing and continued protection of key watersheds on public land. American Whitewater is a founding member and current Steering Committee member of the California Hydropower Reform Coalition. American Whitewater has participated in the relicensing of 22 hydro projects throughout the state. Our goals are to secure annually scheduled whitewater releases, access improvements, real time flow information and improved instream flows for river ecological purposes.

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Wild and Scenic Study Report Released for Mokelumne (CA)

posted February 7, 2018
by Megan Hooker
article photo 2

The California Natural Resources Agency recently released the draft Mokelumne River Wild and Scenic Study Report. Recognizing the river's extraordinary scenic and recreational resources, the agency recommends that 37 miles be added to the California Wild and Scenic River System. The agency wants to hear from you about their recommendations, and will hold a public hearing about the draft report on Thursday, February 15th in Mokelumne Hill.

Take Action: Call for a Hearing on Oroville Dam (CA)

posted April 27, 2017
by Megan Hooker
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Earlier this year, two spillways at Oroville Dam on the Feather River in California became severely compromised, prompting the evacuation of approximately 188,000 people. The impact of the failure of these spillways continues to have a significant impact on the river and downstream communities. Those who live downstream of Oroville Dam–along with citizens across the country who live in the shadow of high-hazard hydropower dams–deserve to understand what happened, the full impacts, and what is being done about it. American Whitewater is joining with others to call for a Congressional hearing into these issues and ensure that the public has a voice in the process. Learn more about how you can help our efforts…

CA State Water Board Orders More Water For Butte Creek

posted August 18, 2016
by Dave Steindorf
article photo 3

The California State Water Resources Control Board has ordered the decommissioning of the Centerville Powerhouse on Butte Creek to protect spring run salmon. This is part of a relicensing agreement that American Whitewater has been working on since 2003. As a result, Butte Creek, located in Northern California will be receiving more water.

New Gauges On The Kern River

posted December 1, 2015
by Dave Steindorf
article photo 2

After 3 years of discussion and negotiation with Southern California Edison and the US Forest Service the Kern River has several new online flow gauges on the Upper Kern River.  These gauges will replace the cumbersome and antiquated flow phone that was part of the Kern River #3 license.

Improved Flows on the Yuba - One Step Closer (CA)

posted December 29, 2014
by Dave Steindorf
article photo 3

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Yuba/Bear and Drum Spaulding projects in Northern California.  Our review of this 1000 page documents says that it spells good things for boaters.


AW Calls for Public Hearing - River Access & Bridges in CA

posted July 9, 2012
by Megan Hooker
article photo 2

Under utilized provisions of the California Streets and Highway Code require that an Access Feasibility Study be conducted when a new bridge is built, and American Whitewater wants to make sure they are completed. Today, American Whitewater requested a public hearing regarding the Access Feasibility Study that was done for the SR 99 Bridge over the Feather River conducted by Caltrans. This is a good opportunity for California residents to get involved and improve river access - not just on the Feather, but on any new bridge project in your area!

DWR Releases Oroville Whitewater Park Feasibility Study (CA)

posted February 2, 2010
by Dave Steindorf
article photo 1

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has released the whitewater park feasibility study on the Feather River in Oroville California. Download the report and attend the meeting on February 4th in Oroville.



Member Message - Thanks

posted October 11, 2007
by Ben Van Camp

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