Account Russian Butte View access located on DNR land at road mile 8. This shows the view of the river trail after improvements by Mountains to Sound Greenway to address erosion issues and make it easier for those carrying boats to access the river. In addition to significant contributions made by Mountains to Sound Greenway, funding for this project was provided by a grant to University Kayak Club and AW from Tom's of Maine, along with donations from Washington Kayak Club, University Kayak Club, and PaddleTrails Canoe Club. The USFS identified this site as the preferred river access as a put-in for the Upper Middle following consultation with local paddlers. This site is just downstream of the Middle Fork Trailhead and it provides convenient access for rafts, kayaks, and canoes at a good eddy. During summer 2004 Mountains to Sound Greenway lead an effort to clean up the site and address erosion issues.
Reported Date 2004
River Reported Snoqualmie, Middle Fork
Russian Butte River Trail, after
Photo by Tom O'Keefe taken 2004
Bridge View River Access
Photo by Tom O'Keefe taken 2004
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